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Thank you for visiting our web site, We highly value your patronage. Further, we recognize you are our valuable partner in designing, developing, presenting and utilizing information for day to day decision making.

For ease of navigation, we have included a sitemap that will guide you through the various subdomains of Keep visiting, looking forward to receiving an ever increasing range of information. We also trust that you will constantly give us feedback on the information products that we provide as well as the kind of information you would wish to see on the web site. is your web site, we will strive to provide information products best suited to your varied needs.

Certain information is formidable power. Keep navigating

About Us

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Infotrack East Africa Ltd is a private limited liability company incorporated in Kenya to conduct business in the Eastern African Region.

Our main objective is to use science and technology to address the diverse daily life challenges confronting societies within the East Africa region.

We are committed to provide accurate, relevant, reliable and validated information that supports wise and well-informed decision making.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 November 2010 13:46

About the Site

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Analysis of news and information has always been a preserve of few people and that is why newspapers, television and documentaries are sought for the world over. Information is power and with it you are able to make decisions that are sensible. A decision made after getting the available knowledge on the matter makes people confident that it is the best possible.

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